Ebie Ghaneian


Fun Facts

When I’m not working I am:
Watching Sports

My Favorite Bar:
The Beer Concession at Angel Stadium

I have a beautiful wife, one daughter, one son and I am patiently waiting for grandkids

The Most Interesting Place I have Travels is:

Favorite Sport:
All of them

If I Were A Superhero my Superpower would be:
To be in two places at once

Favorite Song or Group:
Tequila - Santana

Ebie is passionate about food, he has a Masters Degree in Business and a Bachelors Degree in Physics but he loves food. He loves cooking food, creating new menus, experimenting with fusion foods and of course eating food, when he’s not in the kitchen his second love is sports, the Lakers are his team although he’s been seen at Angel Games, Galaxy Games, the World Cup in Russia and let’s not forget the Charger Games, if it requires a field, stadium or ball he’ll watch it.

Ebie was born in Iran and immigrated to the United States in 1976 where he finished his education and started his lifelong love affair with Foodservice; he started as a bus boy and learned from the dishwasher up. He has owned several restaurants a hugely successful Catering Company, Café n’ Stuff and decided it was time to expand his passion to full event service. The Azar Event Center (named for his wife Azar, his true first love) began as a dream four years ago, after countless hours, days, weeks and yes years his dream is now a reality in the form a this beautiful state of the art event center. Chances are if you stop by to take a tour or decide to host your event here Ebie will be around to make sure that you have a truly memorable time.

Fabiola Noguez

Event Specialist

Fabiola was born in Mexico City and came to United States when she was 15 years old where she made California her home. Fast forward eighteen years and you will find this young teen now a beautiful young woman, mother of three boys and planning her own wedding to the love of her life (imagine what that wedding will look like). Fabiola started her career as a catering server working events like corporate meetings, picnics and birthday parties but her most favorite event is the wedding.

Fabiola loves the planning stage, she enjoys working with couples to make sure that they have the wedding they envision, she is a bit of a perfectionist so you can count on every detail to be exactly what it is supposed to be.

Fun Facts

My Favorite Food is:
Tacos (Taco Bell does not count)

If Icould travel anywhere in the world I would go to:

If I could meet any celebrity it would it be:
Michelle Obama

My Favorite Music is:
Alternative Rock

My Favorite Part of any Event:
The Music / Dancing

When I’m not working I am:
Spending time with her children

My Favorite sport is:
Soccer and my favorite team is Barcelona


Roberta Carlos

Event Specialist

Fun Facts

My Favorite Music is:
Anything I can Dance to

My Favorite Movie is:
Overboard (the Original)

My Favorite Part of any Event:
Set-up & Design

What is your Hobby or Passion:
Casino Hopping

If I could only eat one food for the rest of your life, it would be:
Korean BBQ

What is your favorite sport and team:
Football and my favorite team is Pittsburg Stealers

What do you do when you’re not working:
Read Facebook

Roberta boasts 40 years in the food service industry (we think she started when she was 12). Creativity is definitely her gift; she started her career in Bakery production and cake decorating, the last fifteen years Roberta’s career has been in catering and event planning; her passion is watching the event come to life, you will find Roberta in the middle of every set-up, draping fabric, tilting a platter and turning a simple box into a beautiful base for the hors d’oeuvres table. Roberta has one son and three grandchildren but this Grandma is still on the go, when she’s not working or watching HGTV you will find her Casino Hopping and if you play a great song she will be dancing.